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        AIXadmin is an independent consulting service founded in 1992 providing
        Enterprise Power System Management for AIX, IBMi and Linux clusters.

        Experts with PowerVM infrastructure on IBM Power8 with redundant VIO servers
        for IBMi, AIX and Linux client LPARs. Install/configure HMCv8 and rapidly deploy
        PowerVM (VIO) from the HMC image repository. Configure virtual NPIV fiber adapters
        mapped through VIOs. Create VIOS media repository to serve as ISO install devices
        for IBMi, AIX and Linux LPARs. Create Etherchannel Shared Ethernet Adapters (SEA)
        with failover between VIOs for multiple VLANs. Large cloud deployments from AIX
        Global Image NIM servers. PowerHA (HACMP) specialist building well documented
        quad-node clusters with applications stacks and dependencies controlled by
        configurable tab files.