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AIXadmin will take your project from pallet to production designed with redundant virtual I/O servers, multipath SAN and concurrent I/O filesystems, configured, tuned and tested for top performance and availability. * Power7 Hardware Support (p750/32way p755/32way p770/64way p780/64way) * Legacy Hardware Support (p550/8way p570/16way p595/64way) * Enterprise Storage Support (DS4000 DS8000 FlashCopy TrueCopy GPFS SVC SSPC) * Virtualization (HMC PowerVM SEA/VLAN VMware/ESX KVM/Qemu/XEN) * AIX/Linux Installation, Migrations and Updates (NIM YUM) * High Availability Clusters (PowerHA/HACMP HASCSI) * BladeCenter Hardware/Firmware/OS Installs (Servers AMM NPIV Cisco AIX Linux SQL) * Enterprise Auditing (SOX, Infrastructure and Maintenance Contracts) * Shell Scripting for System, Applications and Security Hardening * Enterprise Backup and Archive Management (TSM EMC Amanda Bacula) * Software Builds, Packaging and Distribution (LPP RPM NIM YUM) * Complete Desktop Support (XORG CDE GNOME KDE VNC CYGWIN XP) * Distributed Services (LDAP AD DCE DFS BIND/DNS NIS NFS SMB NIM) * Parallel Cluster Support (PSSP MPICH LAM) * WebSphere Configuration and Replication (WAS MQSeries) * TXSeries Configuration and Replication (CICS DCE ENCINA SNA) * Migrate from MicroFocus to IBM COBOL for AIX (Save Millions) * Linux Support (KERNEL SELinux LAMP LVM SENDMAIL SAMBA DB2 IPTABLES) * Bare Bones HPC Cluster Support (Asus Tyan Supermicro) * CAD/CAM/CAE Support (ProEngineer AutoCad ICEMDDN Surface Modelling)